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H2O Wear is a company devoted to provide the highest quality swimwear for people who are regularly in the water.

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| verified by Jasmin S.

Also did not get discount.... but ordered will see what happens, I did let them know on my order form that it was supposed to be 2.95 shipping and 10% off.... will comment later if they do something..

15 days ago (1.15.2015)

Also disappointed - same as previous commenters - full shipping applied!

19 days ago (1.10.2015)

True enough, no discount and regular priced shipping. Quite a disappointment!

21 days ago (1.08.2015)

It says discounts will be applied at checkout and nothing was applied. When I asked customer service why not the reply was that it expired a month ago. Why then is that lure still going on? Don't fall for this one - you will be gouged for full price on any order.

1 month ago (12.23.2014)

bullshit coupon

2 months ago (11.29.2014) by Enter Your Name

Sale has expired

3 months ago (10.14.2014)

H2O Wear Coupons