Typical Discounts

Free Shipping Savings

Some items automatically qualify for free shipping without a coupon. Locate these items by entering the search term 'free shipping' on GiftBaskets.com. Occasionally, coupons require customers to spend a designated amount to receive dollar-off discounts on top of free shipping. While rare, it is possible to find coupons that offer free shipping sitewide.

Additional Coupon Offers

The most common coupons offer dollar-off savings when a shopper’s total bill meets a specified amount. When using one of these coupons, be sure to spend the minimum amount, otherwise you will not receive the discount. Percentage-off coupons are less common.

Category Discounts

Take advantage of coupons that provide discounts related to specific holidays or occasions. In the past, GiftBaskets.com offered huge savings on Valentine's Day baskets. Note that most category discounts expire a week or more before the targeted occasion, so last-minute shoppers may miss these deals.

Bulk Discounts

Purchase multiple baskets at once to take advantage of bulk order savings. Call 1-866-736-2084 to learn more and receive pricing estimates before completing the bulk order form.

How Experts Save Even More

Check Post-Season Sale Merchandise

GiftBaskets.com offers discounts of up to 40% on select seasonal baskets year-round, but the best prices are available immediately post-season. The ‘On Sale’ page features a rotating selection of sale items. Discounts vary depending on the item.