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Susan S. 8 months ago (10/27/2014)

Tested on Your Design. Guaranteed.

Anonymous 11 months ago (7/31/2014)

t/o: free appointment

CM 17 months ago (1/30/2014)

Tested on landing page

CM 22 months ago (9/06/2013)

Tested on room design

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Susan S. 10 months ago (8/21/2014)

Tested on FLEECE & THANKS.

CM 14 months ago (4/21/2014)

Fall in Line Wisteria

Anonymous 16 months ago (2/26/2014)

Doesn't work

CM 18 months ago (1/03/2014)

Tested on Manx - Gloucester Green

CM 22 months ago (9/06/2013)

Tested on Toy Poodle - Alabaster

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Flor designs and makes 50cm carpet squares in tones of colors, styles, and textures. Flor squares can be arranged into any shape or size to work around that huge sectional couch or fit that awkwardly-shaped first apartment. They fit - and stay - together with special FLORdots, so no nails, glue, tape, staples, welding or other assembly required. They’re super soft, too! Shop by room type, color, best sellers, special collections, and even area rugs. You will be FLOORED by the options!