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There's nothing quite like a Harlequin romance. You know the good girl is going to fall for the bad guy, and that he's going to turn out to be good for her in the end. The assured happy endings, those steamy bedroom scenes, and oh, the super-hot models on the covers! Remember Fabio? For a certain type of reader, Harlequin romances are an addiction. As one of the world's leading publishers for women, the company releases over 110 new titles per month, in 34 languages, sold on six continents. Boasting a stable of 1,300 talented writers, the company's genres include young adult novels, nonfiction, mysteries and African-American novels in addition to the romance titles for which it is best known. On the Harlequin website you can purchase titles from its many different series, find ebooks, videos and author podcasts, as well as information on how to submit a manuscript yourself.