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Auto buffs will find all the tools and equipment to restore and repair any type of vehicle at Eastwood, where they want to help you do the job right. In the 1970s, teenager Curt Strohacker repaired cars in his free time. He gained a lot of restoration experience and the knowledge that using the correct tools and techniques made the job a lot easier, and he decided to to pass along that knowledge and furnish those tools to others. He launched Eastwood in 1978 as a mail-order catalog company, and in 1983 earned national industry recognition for its car wash brush. In 1997, the company revolutionized home workshops with its HotCoat�® Powder Coating System and continued to develop new tools and technologies throughout the next decade. Shop the Eastwood retail store in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, or its website for the latest paints and coatings, welding equipment and auto body repair solutions.