Typical Discounts

Be in the Know

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Get Rewarded

Directron loves to reward their customers any way they can. Check out last year’s Customer Appreciation Day, and be on the lookout for special sales on major holidays. They even have a specific catalog of free products that can be added to any qualifying order.

Ship Smart

First-time buyers can earn free shipping or $10 off their first order of $100 or more. A number of items automatically qualify for free shipping on their site, all of which are clearly labeled in their product description.

Further the Savings

Directron offers endless ways to save. Get 2% off orders if referred by a Directron customer, or by referring a new customer. Customers can get 2% off bulk orders, too. Someone you know looking for the same item? Directron offers better rates for items bought in pairs. Check out the Discounts page for a full overview of these amazing offers.

Creative Deal Hunting

"Like" Their Facebook

While not incredibly active on Twitter, Directron does maintain a Facebook page. From giveaways and spur-of-the-moment sales, to the always formidable Deal of the Day, this feed will keep you on top of your savings game. They do announce major sales and giveaways on Twitter from time to time.

How Experts Save Even More

Check for Surprises Daily

You never know when that one product you have been longing for will be picked for the Deal of the Day, so be sure to check their homepage regularly. There is also the wildcard 7-Day-Sale, which features a bevy of hardware with rebates and discounted shipping.