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Cuddledown is not just any bedding store. Cuddledown is committed to offering its customers the best, most luxurious, high-quality bedding and home furnishings available. The company began in 1979 by manufacturing just a single product, its iconic down comforters. Renowned for their coziness and efficiency at retaining heat on a chilly night, these comforters soon became widely popular and a best-selling product. Originally sold by catalog, customers can now shop online for Cuddledown’s expanding product line, including both synthetic and down comforters, pillows and feather beds, all manufactured in the United States in the company’s Maine factory. Other products you can find on the site include the finest quality sheets, blankets, towels, home décor, sleepwear and other apparel. All Cuddledown bedding has been independently certified to be safe and free from harmful chemicals. We all need a little luxury in our lives, so shop here to feel the Cuddledown difference.


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