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Expired. Why does Ultimate Coupons show expired coupons?

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YAHEARME 50 months ago (12/28/2012)

apply what coupon or promo code? That''s why were on here!

Anonymous 51 months ago (12/14/2012)

Hmmm... There was no discount applied. The price was exactly the same as ordering without this coupon. It clearly states that the discount would be applied at checkout. There was no discount of any kind at checkout. Order was placed well before the listed expiration date. It's so rare that these discounts are legit.

Tim 51 months ago (11/15/2012)

it did not automatily apply any discount :-(

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Chunky Glass Pipes has some of the best collections of glass pipes now available on the market. Each of the company's products is manufactured using top quality borosilicate.