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AC 23 months ago (12/22/2014)

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When you’re looking for the perfect clothing item or accessory for the firefighter in your life, look no further than Black Helmet Apparel. Firefighters willingly face dangerous conditions on a daily basis to protect others, and they are undeniably community heroes. Started by a third generation firefighter, Black Helmet Apparel was established to provide accessories and apparel that convey the firefighter spirit in a meaningful way. Featuring a variety of men’s and women’s clothing, Black Helmet Apparel has a wide selection of tops and board shorts. Black Helmet Apparel also carries wallets, hats, decals, and many other accessories including ties, drinking glasses and phone cases. Black Helmet Apparel also contributes a portion of their profits to many noble causes, including St. Baldrick’s Foundation, The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and the September 11th Families’ Association. So if you want to honor a firefighter you know, check out the great selection of clothing and gifts at Black Helmet Apparel.