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Why spend a fortune on jewelry when you can have fun, and even make some money, by making and selling your own? When you’re ready to get started on this creative and enjoyable hobby, shop Beadaholique for all your beading needs. This online beading supply store has served the crafting community since it was founded in 1999. They take pride in the quality of their products, their low prices, and friendly customer service staff, who are always happy to answer questions. Beadaholique’s find products have been featured in many national magazines. You will find every conceivable type of beading product here, including Swarovski crystals, sea glass, gemstones, pearls, ceramic, 14 KT gold beads and much more. The site also offers a huge selection of pendants, charms, chains, stampings and filigree, mixed media kits, adhesives, wire and supplies, as well as all the tools you will need to complete your pieces.


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