Types of Deals

Stay Informed

Once you place an order with Avon, you’ll be subscribed to their email newsletter, which alerts you to new products and special sales. This frequently-published newsletter often features coupon codes for maximum savings.

Don’t Miss the Personal Touch

A great way to stay current on Avon’s latest promotions and sales is to get connected with an e-rep. These online salespeople have their own Avon landing pages and often maintain social-media accounts where they share the scoop on new products and great deals. Avon releases new e-brochures about every two weeks, so following an e-rep on social media will result in your getting a heads-up on sales as they happen. Unlike offline Avon sales reps, your e-rep does not need to be local to you, as you shop online via their landing page.

Check Deals Online

It would be a smart choice to check the wide-selection of outlet deals on Avon’s website before adding items to your cart. Shopping the outlet section can save you up to 70%! You can also view more deals online by clicking on "Special Offers" in the left sidebar from Avon’s homepage. You'll find choices in every department from skincare, make-up and hair-care products, to fragrances, clothing and jewelry.

Bundle Your Purchase

You could benefit from large savings if you plan to get all your cosmetic needs in one stop. Avon is all about the Bundle Deal, offering special savings when you purchase two or more products from a particular line.

Get it Sent Free

If you don't need rush shipping, take advantage of the many free shipping coupon codes Avon offers. The minimum purchase varies and is sometimes as low as $10.

Shop Stress-Free

Don't worry that purchasing cosmetics online is risky. Avon takes the guesswork out of the process with virtual makeovers, skin-case quizzes and an amazing return policy stating, “If you're not happy, we're not!" The packing slip included with your order contains simple instructions on returning items that don’t meet your expectations.

Creative Deal Hunting

Avon Credit Card

If you open an Avon Visa card, you could receive even more shopping perks. With no annual fee and $25 off of your first purchase, this credit card might be your ticket for extra savings. You can even earn Avon rewards points on your purchases that can be redeemed as heftier savings on future buys.

How Experts Save Even More

Gain Some Knowledge

Avon has its own YouTube channel, complete with demonstrations of makeup techniques. Watch their videos before you shop and you'll be more likely to choose the right product and apply it the right way. You’ll save money by wasting less makeup on experiments with new techniques! Follow AvonInsider on Tumblr for beauty and fashion blogs that show you how to combine Avon items for the best style impact. And, AvonInsider on Twitter gives you chances to get on waiting lists for their latest cosmetics releases!

Combine Offers

Avon allows you to combine certain discounts, stacking your savings even higher! For example, the “Special Offers” section online includes deals that can be combined with Outlet savings, keeping more money in your pocket. Or, you can combine free shipping coupon codes with Avon’s Bundle Deals to ensure maximum savings.