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AVG Antivirus provides online security and protection from Internet threats for consumers, small businesses and small enterprises. AVG offers free trial versions of its popular antivirus, identity protection and Internet security programs.

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AVG Antivirus Coupons

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Savings Tips

Typical Discounts

Check Out Affiliate Websites

AVG Technologies partners with affiliates who offer link-activated deals to products on their websites, blogs or social media pages. The lowest prices can usually be found through an affiliate link, so check out their sites and compare.

Free 30-Day Trial

AVG Technologies offers a free 30-day trial with the purchase of a one or two-year protection plan. Not sure if it’s the right product for you? Try it out. Most of the products are available with no obligation during the 30-day trial period.

Creative Deal Hunting

Follow AVG Technologies

AVG Technologies has an active Facebook page, which regularly features fun, engaging contests. Write a poem or spot the differences between pictures for a chance to win prizes such as a free one-year license of AVG Internet Security. Links to discounts can occasionally be found in their feed, as well as on their Twitter page.

How Experts Save Even More

The Best Time to Save

When a new version of a product is released, fresh links usually appear on AVG Technologies' affiliate pages. This is the best time to take advantage of promotional prices on new products, and keep an eye out for markdowns on older products.

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