1. Enjoy Free Shipping

Regardless of whether you spend $50 or $500, you can enjoy free shipping on your order. With no minimum purchase required, you don’t feel restricted or pressured to purchase a certain amount to avoid spending money on shipping. Discounts are applied automatically when checking out.

2. Check Out the Lower Price Guarantee

If you end up finding the same item you purchased from Auto Anything at a cheaper price you can take advantage of the lower price guarantee. Not only are you going to get the difference refunded back to you, but you are also going to get an extra $1.00 to top it off. As another sign of their commitment to you as a customer, you can take advantage of this guarantee for an entire year from the time you purchased the item.

3. Sign Up for the Savings

One of the best ways for you to save is to sign up for the email newsletter. In doing so, you’ll receive a coupon in your inbox for 15% off your first purchase of $199 or more.