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Anonymous 14 months ago (12/17/2014)

Total fraud. Went through the steps and booked - link claimed to auto apply $10 discount when check out was complete......of course you now know what happened - no discount but Airbnb gets the booking. Never use a link that does not provide an exact code that buyer can enter themselves at check out.

Carolina 16 months ago (10/08/2014)

didnt work

Anonymous 17 months ago (8/31/2014)

Didnt work for me.

Justin 19 months ago (6/26/2014)

Still working?

Anonymous 19 months ago (6/26/2014)

Does this coupon code work for the long term stay as well?

I will stay at an accomodation $157 per night for 50 days.

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When you find lodging the Airbnb way, you'll not only get a unique place to stay for the night, but you might even make some new friends along the way. Airbnb is the company that helps homeowners make their casa your casa. Here's how it works: You go on the site and peruse the available listings for a place to stay in the city or town you're planning to visit. Airbnb acts as the middle guy between you -- the guest -- and the person renting lodgings -- the host. But that tidbit of knowledge really doesn't speak to what an adventure Airbnb provides for you as the traveler. The company opens the door for you to stay overnight (or longer) in castles in France, on houseboats in Amsterdam, in sleek, modern apartments in Bulgaria, or even in a mud hut in Portland. Naturally, you could just book a hotel for a more normal place to stay, but why would you want to do that, when your Airbnb castle and new friends await you?