Typical Deals

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Customers can subscribe to Ace Hardware’s online newsletter to receive special offers, home improvement tips and information about new items. Simply go to their homepage and click the sign up link in the upper right hand corner.

Multiple Items Shipping Discount

Shoppers enjoy reduced shipping costs when they order multiple items, and all orders can be shipped to a nearby store free of charge.

Ace Rewards Card

Join the free Ace Rewards program and earn valuable points on all your purchases. Every dollar spent earns 10 points, and for every 2,500 points earned, Ace Hardware sends you a $5 reward. New members automatically receive 1,000 points. Sign up and enjoy members-only coupons, early notice of upcoming sales and home improvement tips.

Ace Rewards Visa Card

The Ace Rewards Visa Card lets you earn points everywhere you shop. Cardholders earn up to 5% back on Ace Hardware purchases, 2% on groceries and gas, and 1% on all other purchases. There is even a special card available for small business owners, which offers additional perks on top of massive savings.

Clearance Discounts

Stock up on holiday merchandise when the season ends. Save up to 85% on decorations during the off season.

Red Hot Buys

Check out Ace Hardware's Red Hot Buys section for the best deals. Products in this section are discounted up to 40% and rotate monthly, so be sure to check back. The same deals can be found in-store based on an items' availability.

Typical Coupon Discounts

Ace Hardware offers a variety of quarterly, monthly and short-term coupon codes. These codes can be found on their homepage or social media pages.

Creative Deal Hunting

Social Media

Follow Ace Hardware on Facebook and Twitter to stay on top of all the latest sales and promotions.

How Experts Save Even More

Best Sales of the Year

Shoppers can expect to save the most during major holiday sale seasons.