1-800-Contacts wants its customers to get the best possible deal on contacts, but in some cases, the price of certain lenses is firmly set by the manufacturer. The good news is that 1-800-Contacts offers a price match guarantee for those who find a lower price that’s authorized by the manufacturer. Simply call them at 1-800-222-2860 or email them at price@1800Contacts.com, and they’ll honor the lower price or refund the difference for those who have already paid. What makes this price guarantee so unbeatable? Well, 1-800-Contacts will also provide a 2% discount on the competitor’s price, making it more like a price beat guarantee than a price match guarantee.

About 1-800-Contacts

The eyes are the mirror to the soul, but foggy contacts with little specks of built-up calcium deposits can make the soul appear a little distorted, and that’s never a good thing. Too many contact lens-wearers risk the health of their big blues (or browns, or greens, or hazels) and the visage of their soul because it's such a hassle to find the time to head over to the eye doctor to pick up a new box of lenses. 1-800-Contacts exists solely to make getting new contacts a hassle-free, money-saving endeavor that requires traveling no further than the computer desk. Contacts arrive promptly in the mail, along with eye drops and contact solution. Customers not only save money on contacts and gasoline, but also shipping, which is always free.