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You want to feel good. And you need to shop for office supplies. When you buy your office supplies from Zuma Office Supplies, you get both. How? While you get great deals on items like Hon File Cabinets, Universal view binders, and Smead hanging folders, some worthy charities get some cash in the process. Zuma Office Supplies donates at least half of its profits to charity. Zuma Office Supplies also practices a form of conscious capitalism, which means that its employees, its vendors, and you, the Zuma Office Supplies’ customers get treated with honesty, respect, and openness. And if this weren’t enough to make you want to shop with Zuma, shopping the company’s site is easy and offers a broad selection – 50,000 items and counting. Zuma Office Supplies stocks janitorial supplies, office furniture, ink and toner, and business machines. Zuma Office Supplies. It’s the place you go when you need to shop for office supplies and you want to feel good doing it.