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Go ahead and try it out. All the big businesses do it. A lot of small and independently owned businesses have hopped on the bandwagon. Customers expect it. It comes complete with impressive looking reports. The kind that makes users sound incredibly skilled and knowledgeable when they casually chat with friends about "click-through rates" and "social media interactions." And it's simple to use, budget-friendly and requires no coding or design experience. It's VerticalResponse. VerticalResponse allows businesses of all sizes, from individually owned companies with just a few customers to large organizations with huge databases, to create and send professional looking e-mail campaigns. VerticalResponse users create customized e-mails using a multitude of VerticalResponse's free design templates. Each template is designed to automatically adjust if opened on a smartphone or tablet, so e-mails look good no matter what device is used to view them. Businesses looking to grow their customer list can use VerticalResponse e-mail sign-up forms that can be embedded on their company's website. Users can even create auto-responders to send thank you messages, welcome notes and discounts to those who join their list of e-mail subscribers. VerticalResponse also creates easy-to-read charts that provide feedback about each e-mail campaign, so senders can see what's working and what needs modification. Best of all, VerticalResponse is free for users with 1,000 contacts or less. As a user's contact list grows, VerticalResponse offers both monthly subscription plans and pay-as-you-go pricing.