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Titus counts as the number one name in skateboarding in Europe. It has existed since 1978, and amateurs and professionals alike love the stores all over Germany and the related website. The diverse selection gives skateboarders everything they need to get their skate on. Titus keeps products by companies like Element, Powell-Peralta, Mini-Logo, Polar Skate Co., and MOB on hand for skateboarders just like you. Titus has skateboards and long boards as well as shoes and other skateboard-related items. Aside from skateboard-related items, Titus carries a large selection of apparel for your time on the board and off. Shop Titus to nab hoodies, jeans, jackets, and chinos. But your board experience is only as good as the support you have on your feet, and Titus doesn't disappoint here, either -- Nike. Emerica. Super. Adidas. These count as just some of the shoe brands you'll find at Titus. Really, no matter what skateboarders are looking for, from their heads to their feet, Titus outfits boarders in style.