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If only making your office green were as easy as turning off the lights. Who says it can’t be? exists for the sole purpose of making your office transition to green an easy one. With a product line 38,000 items strong, going green has never been easier. Shop for file markers, mice for your computer, and memo and scratch pads. These and other products carried by boast post-consumer materials - 68% or more in some cases. Other products, like toners, include soy-based inks. Still other items, such as office cleaners, are 100% biodegradable and phosphate-free. And doesn't stop with just green products. The company offers a range of services for both the novice green office and the experienced one. Catch one of the company's green webinars, learn about carbon offsets, pick up a green guide or sign up for some sustainability consulting. With all these services plus top-of-the-line products, makes going green easier than turning off the lights.