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Suburban Express knows that even college students want to come home sometimes. With their fast, direct routes and reliable service, they make it super easy for University of Illinois, ISU, EIU, Purdue, U of Iowa, and Indiana University students to travel home to the Chicago area. Since Suburban Express only shuttles college students, parents can feel confident known their kids are safe as they travel home. Serving the Chicagoland area since 1983, Suburban Express offers several drop off and pick up locations around campuses, as well as in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs at places such as, Old Orchard, Woodfield Mall, O'Hare, Oakbrook Mall, Woodridge Jewel, Chicago Ridge Mall, Tinley Park and Joilet. Students can reserve their ticket online or pay cash at the local Suburban Express office in their area. For more information on schedules, or to find the nearest pick-up and drop off locations, visit Suburban Express online.