1. 10% Discounts

If you're a first-time shopper with International Star Registry, you'll be star struck by this deal. Earn an automatic 10% off just for shopping with them. You'll also save an extra 10% when you buy the Deluxe Star Kit, so go ahead and adopt a star!

2. Free Shipping Deals

Get a heavenly deal on shipping by spending at least $75 and in return, get free shipping. Star namers in Australia who purchase the $110 "Star Naming Gift Package" get free shipping no matter where they live in the Land Down Under.

3. Facebook Freebies

International Star Registry rewards its Facebook followers with a special freebie. A "like" on the social media site nets fans a free Shining Stars Animal. Other Facebook offers give Facebook fans exclusive codes to get free gifts throughout the year.

4. Gift Certificates and Special Deals

The International Star Registry allows you to give the gift of the stars to others. Purchase a gift certificate for the star-lover in your life and get standard shipping thrown in. This beautiful gift includes a gold frame with double matting, a booklet about astronomy, and a letter of congratulations for the person receiving the gift. It's a very personalized gift for the hard-to-buy-for person in your life.