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Marubionida 24 months ago (5/03/2016)

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Sony Style Canada is the official online store for Sony Canada, offering thousands of products to meet your entertainment needs. From televisions and home-theater equipment to digital cameras and gaming consoles, Sony Style Canada has everything you need to deck out your family room or man cave. The Sony brand has been providing electronics to everyday consumers since 1946 and its Canadian subsidy was introduced in 1955. Today, Sony Canada has hundreds of authorized dealers across the country, as well as several Sony retail locations, and its growth is largely attributed to the company’s unlimited passion for technology and innovation. The company offers ground-breaking, first-of-its-kind entertainment and gadgets to consumers who are always grappling for the latest and best in home entertainment. Sony Canada does not disappoint, touting one of the most comprehensive entertainment portfolios that includes music, movies, games and electronics.