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Every day, Shopify helps entrepreneurs live their dreams of owning their own business. This retailer makes it easy to set up and run your very own retail website in no time. Over 165,000 (and counting) merchants trust Shopify to keep their businesses running smoothly. A Shopify online store comes with your own retail website, customizable in 100 different themes. Bring your own domain name or get one through Shopify. Once set up, your business has a secure shopping cart that automatically calculates taxes and shipping fees. You can fulfill multiple orders with just one click. Go to your dashboard to track sales, orders and traffic. Generate reports to see which products are selling and which aren't. Produce traffic reports showing where visitors came from and how they found you. And, with Shopify POS ' you can take your store with you. This mobile product comes with a secure card swiper, perfect for trade shows, outdoor markets or selling on the go. So, what are you waiting for? Take a leap, a chance, a stab in the dark. Shopify can show you the way.