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Sale Vie is an online boutique that offers handmade vintage inspired jewelry and fashion accessories. At Sale la Vie, you will find uniquely designed items such as antique style earrings with sparkling Swarovski crystals and cameos, rings featuring a Victorian Roses pattern, and lace hair clips embellished with genuine pearls.

The unique pieces of jewelry featured on this website are created by Michal Negrin, Liat Ginzburg and other popular designers. Sale Vie offers home decor items too, including vintage inspired placemats and jewelry boxes with an antique finish.

Sale Vie features an amazing collection of fine jewelry that can't be found anywhere else. This online boutique sells vintage style bracelets with hand painted flowers and beads, Victorian chokers featuring intricate details, and handbags adorned with lace. For brides, Sale Vie offers baroque necklaces and pearl earrings decorated with gold painted flowers. The line of products also includes Victorian inspired dresses and tops available in different sizes.