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Jan and dick marr 60 months ago (4/16/2013)

Can't find a code.

Anonymous 60 months ago (4/07/2013)

no coupons for Miller Nurseries

Anonymous 60 months ago (3/29/2013)

Even though the code said activated there was no code to copy and no discount appeared at check out. Waste of time to try this.

[email protected] 61 months ago (2/21/2013)

I did not see a code for fruit trees to enter at checkout

Gary Roy 64 months ago (12/09/2012)

I see no code

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Miller Nurseries is a family owned and operated company that features a huge selection of fruit and nut trees. Customers can choose from different varieties of apples, grapes, flowering and ornamental bushes, berries, apricots, nectarines, plums, pears, ornamental and shade trees, and roses. Gardening aids are provided for sale too.