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Lava Lamp is a company based in Elmhurst, Illinois that specializes in lava lamps of all color combinations and sizes. Lavalamp also provides fun glitter lamps that come in 5 different sizes and party lights including the aquarium lava light.

The traditional lava lamps come in sizes from the 11.5 inch accent lamp to the 27 inch lave grande lamp. Some attractive color combinations of waxes and liquids include black wax with clear liquid, blue liquid with yellow wax and pink wax with purple liquid. Prices for the original lava lamp range from about 15 USD to 90 USD for the largest varieties.

To keep your lamp operating at its best, the trick is to keep it at an ideal temperature. If the lamp gets too hot or cold, the flow of the lava is disturbed. Lava Lamp products can be found at many popular retailers including Target, Kmart, Walmart and Spencers among others.