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The Lands' End company got its start in the U.S. as a sailboat equipment company. And while sailboats aren't its main gig anymore, the company's fashions certainly show the influence of the company's past, whether you shop Lands' End in America, Germany, or the U.K. These fashions are romantic, classic, and bring more than just a touch of the spirit of the sail to your closet. And like the other stores around the world, Lands' End U.K. is all about bringing sea-inspired, casual fashion across the pond. The clothes are classically stylish just as you'd expect. And while the savviest fashionista would love to wear any of these pieces, they're also fit for everyday wear. Lands' End U.K. brings comfortable outdoor and casual clothing to the marketplace for women and men as well as kids. Its menswear and kids' lines feature clothing that stands up just as well on an afternoon sail as it does a family trip around London. And the women's clothing is fun, yet durable and offers a beautiful backdrop for the chicest Lands' End U.K. accessories. Regardless of who you buy them for, these pieces provide a point of departure between your workaday life and the beyond. Just like the sailboats that originally inspired the company to begin with all those years ago.