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Gucci is one of the world's best-known high fashion brands. The Gucci by Gucci international apparel brand began as a leather goods store in Italy, and soon became well known throughout Europe. High-quality shoes, luggage and belts were the hallmarks of the brand until the legendary Gucci handbags became popular in the 1940s.

Today, Gucci sells clothing, accessories, fragrances and more. There are Gucci children's apparel lines and even products for pets. Baby clothes, children's shoes and men's accessories are available through the site. The company still makes the high quality luggage and travel bags that made it famous nine decades ago.

Jewelry is one of the best-known lines made by Gucci today. Everything from pet ID tags to men's rings and necklaces are made with precious metals and attention to fine detail. The double G logo can be found on many of the pieces for adults. The children's jewelry features teddy bears, ballerinas and other whimsical shapes for children to enjoy.