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The Epson Store. Leader. Innovator. Partner to businesses large and small. The first name in printer quality brings a long history of excellence to your office. The first incarnation of the Epson Store got its start in Japan during the 1940s as Daiwa Kogyo Ltd. It evolved into the Seiko Epson Corporation, the very same company that brought precision timekeeping to the 1964 Olympics. Nowadays, the Epson Store brings Olympic precision to your print jobs. Your business communications have never looked so good. But the printers you get from the Epson Store would mean little if the ancillary items you need to run your printer, like ink and paper, weren't also made with the same eye for precision. In fact, every product that you get from the Epson Store, whether it be a printer, a scanner, or a projector, meets the same quality standards as the timepieces the company made for the '64 Olympics. With the Epson Store behind you, you'll always be a business leader. An innovator. A partner to your clients, no matter how big your business is.