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DiamondWave has created exquisite diamonds in beautiful settings for over 70 years. The company sells high-quality diamonds at reasonable prices. Each diamond that DiamondWave puts on its cybershelves has been handpicked, chosen for the beauty and positioned with care in a stunning setting. Each diamond gets the star treatment in DiamondWave’s state-of-the-art facility. There, the diamond’s facet, depth and crown are shaped until the stons softly reflects the light around it and almost seems to glow from within. The personality of each of these items finds expression in jewelry pieces like stunning fashion earrings, exquisite engagement and wedding rings, and diamond pendants. But for the person or couple who wants to create something special, DiamondWave has create-your-own diamond or pendant program. Just choose the carat weight of your ideal diamond, select the metal, and the setting. And then choose your diamond. Like the other diamonds in DiamondWave’s line, the personal diamonds sit on a throne-like setting of 14K, 18K, or platinum. DiamondWave diamonds. Exquisite settings. Low prices.