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A vanilla cappuccino with plenty of foam. A steamed almond milk, frothy and sweet on the lips and to the nose. A strawberry Italian soda topped with whipped cream. Though these drinks taste distinct from one another, they all taste like ambrosia because of one common element: DaVinci syrups. DaVinci is the name in flavored syrups for coffee, flavored sodas and steamed milk drinks. Once the pride of the finest coffeehouses and restaurants, DaVinci syrups are now a staple on tables in homes around the world. And the company that brought you this coffee-enhancing treat also brings you smoothie mixes to get your morning started right, and flavored sauces to make food items like ice cream oh so delicious. DaVinci products are kosher certified and made with the quality ingredients that turn coffee and other treats into the pure ambrosia that catering companies, full-service restaurants, coffeehouses and home foodies serve every day.