Typical Discounts

Sign Up & Save Email Alerts

Landing on the company homepage gives you the opportunity to register online and sign up for a completely free Quick Start kit that includes three free Atkins bars, the Atkins Carb Counter and the Quick Start guide.

The link to sign up for the free kit will take you to a page where you can also check a box and start receiving the newsletter that includes exclusive offers, promotion deals and delicious Atkins recipes.

Free Shipping

Although no free shipping is available, they do offer $6.99 shipping on all orders, regardless of the amount. This shipping deal is automatically applied at checkout and stacks with all other deals and discounts.

Coupon Discounts & Sales

Various discounts and sales on Atkins meals and bars along with other merchandise can be found throughout the year on the company website. Signing up for the newsletter will keep you up on when these occur.

Creative Deal Hunting

Social Media

Check out and 'Like' the company Facebook page for inspiration, recipes and promotional deals. Here you will also find "submit and win" contests that offer cash prizes and free Atkins products. Their Twitter page is available as part of the online support system but it is also where they advertise promotional deals.

Atkins can also be found on Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube where you can find a mix of occasional promotional deals, recipes, inspiration and more.

How Experts Save Even More

In-Store vs. Online

As Atkins products are sold in stores everywhere it is likely that you will find cheaper prices in your local Walmart, Target etc. This may not be true in every instance, but a little price comparison could go a long way.