Types of Deals

Save on Membership

Angie's List offers a 40% off coupon to new members. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer, and some markets are excluded. Other promotional codes can be found periodically, and they tend to offer a percentage off of the membership cost.

Membership Pays

Becoming an Angie's List member means becoming a part of one of the world's largest consumer networks. You will gain insight directly from real customers and have access to all sorts of exclusive deals offered by highly-rated businesses in your area.

Creative Deal Hunting

AARP Discounts

If you happen to be a member of AARP, you are eligible for special discounts at Angie's List. AARP members enjoy 45% off new memberships or 25% off membership renewals.

How Experts Save Even More

Make Money Referring Others

With the affiliate program at Angie's List, you can make cash by simply sending business their way. If you own a website or an email publication, your links to member sign up at Angie's List will earn you commission on every new account.