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Tagged: beauty

Selling Clothes On eBay: 5 Tips For Success

October 16, 2014 |

The days are getting shorter and the weather colder. If you are like me, the change of seasons means it is time to pull out your fall and winter clothes to do the yearly inventory of what fits and what needs to be replaced. This is also a great opportunity to make a little money by selling those cast offs on eBay! Not only will you clear some space in your closet but you will put some cash in your wallet for those fab boots you have your eye on. Read More

DIY Treatments to Repair Hair

October 9, 2014 |

Unfortunately, our hair does not look its best 24/7. Extreme weather conditions – such as wind, rain and the hot sun – as well as improper brushing and combing, exposure to chlorine, medical conditions and heredity can cause hair to become thin, frizzy, dull and damaged. If you are looking to restore your once-luscious locks, there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on hair products and salon treatments. There are many effective ways to repair hair in the comfort of your own home. All you need are a few of these key ingredients – and you may already have them in your kitchen.

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5 Ways to Enjoy Fall Beauty on a Budget

September 17, 2014 |

Fall is a transitional period - not just for the weather (farewell, cute sandals and tank tops!), but also for beauty routines. Gone are the lightweight lotions and pastel hues, which are shelved in favor of richer formulas and more dramatic colors. While a wardrobe transition can certainly be costly, a shift in beauty regimens doesn’t have to blow your budget. Here are some wallet-friendly fall beauty tips that will make the change in seasons simple (and beautiful).

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How to Get Discounted Beauty Services

August 15, 2014 |

For women, one of the biggest parts of our discretionary budget goes to salons and spas. Between highlights, manicures, and facials, it can really add up! Luckily there are some great ways to save on these necessary luxuries! Read along to find out how to get the best prices on your beauty services. Read More

The No-Spend Mani: 5 Tips for Professional Looking Nails at Home

July 30, 2014 |

We all know that manicures and pedicures are not essential, but they sure make us feel better about ourselves. Plus they are fun to get, and relaxing too. When you are trying to cut back your budget, your trip to the salon may be one of the first things to go, but that doesn’t mean you have to give it up completely. There are plenty of great DIY tricks out there for your nails. Read More

From Chocolate to Eyeglasses: Your Guide to Assorted Freebies

July 24, 2014 |

Like paying full price for your groceries and everyday items? Then you might not find this article too interesting. However, if you enjoy getting stuff for free, then read on and see how easy it is to get food, coffee, beauty products and much more – free of charge.

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