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11 Target Deals College Students Shouldn't Miss

August 24, 2011 | 3

If you've waited this long to do your back to campus shopping, you must be holding out for some great deals. We've assembled a quick list of items from Target that are either currently on sale or are everyday bargains. ... Read More

Where to Find the Best Bang for Your Buck at Costco

May 11, 2011 | 1

costcoCostco has a reputation for offering quality products at low prices but there are some departments that offer better deals than others.  Costco is able to offer low prices because it marks up its products an average of 13 percent, providing just enough profit to cover its operating costs. Of course, you have to pay a $50 membership fee to get those deals but it’s those fees that allow Costco to keep its prices low, since they account for nearly all its net income in any given year.

But, as I outlined in a previous blog, that $50 membership fee doesn’t buy you bargains in every department but it does give you access to some truly great deals. Here are a few categories where you can find the best bargains at Costco.

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6 Groupon-like Sites You Didn’t Know Existed

April 19, 2011 | 4

Ever since Groupon hit the scene, it seems like there’s another deal site ready to offer deep discounts on things we want (or didn’t even know we wanted). Here’s a little bit of background and a few of the more prominent deal sites if you’re the kind of person who’s looking for half off trapeze lessons or 3 acupuncture sessions for the price of one.

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What's Your Supermarket Savings Secret?

January 22, 2011 | 1

It was a good day for my grocery-store bottom line on Thursday.  It was not, however, a good day to be in the grocery store.  With a winter storm expected (one that only dropped enough snow to cause a nuisance), ... Read More

What Do You Do With Yours?

October 30, 2010 |

Cha-ching!  You scored free shipping on your Amazon purchase, saving you $4 or more.  Your order at P.S. from Aeropostale was over $80, so you saved $20 there.  And you saved up to 81% AND got free shipping on Joseph ... Read More

Working Out the Best Deal

August 28, 2010 |

Got sales tax?  Got free shipping?

How do you work out the very best deal when you're shopping online?

I'll give you a few hints from my own experience.  Start at our main page and search by the store ... Read More

July's Best Grocery Deals

July 10, 2010 |

What grocery deals are in season in July?

It's a great time to buy hot-weather treats. Ice cream is one category that often sees great sales in July.  Just last weekend I scored a fabulous deal on ice cream.  My ... Read More

The Savings Add Up

January 2, 2010 | 1

What are you going to do with your savings in 2010?  Have you set goals to save a certain amount of money?  And what do you plan to use that money to do?

When I do my grocery shopping, the ... Read More

Saturday Brag

October 10, 2009 |

I just had to take this opportunity to tell you about my supermarket savings the other day!

It wasn't the best shopping trip ever, in terms of my total savings, but it certainly was close.  I paid, out of ... Read More

See My Savings - NFL Shop

October 17, 2007 | 5

I don't just play a coupon user on TV, I'm also one in real life. Yes, I spend a lot of time posting coupons and deals on our main coupon site (and as much as I can sneak in on ... Read More