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Rack Up The Savings While Working Out

January 20, 2016 |

There are about a million and one fitness apps on the market for tech-savvy runners, and it can be pretty overwhelming to pick the right one for you and your workout style -- not least because the process of running ... Read More

Your Holiday Hangover Game Plan

January 4, 2016 |

The new year brings a fresh start, along with resolutions to be a better you, live a cleaner life and enjoy its simple pleasures. But you’re not going to be able to follow through with any of that if you ... Read More

Healthy Options to Get You Through the Seasonal Slump

January 15, 2015 |

Life can get depressing when you make your morning commute in the dark AM hours, and by the time you clock out from work the sun has set. For a few months each year we’re pretty much shrouded in darkness, and it takes more than sunlight away. The winter season blues can lead us to participate in activities that seem to make things better (like binge drinking), but will actually just make us feel worse in the long run. Here are some healthy tricks that will help you put that smile back on your face, even if it is too dark outside for anyone to notice.
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Top Apps To Help You Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions

January 6, 2015 |

It’s 2015! Is this the year when you will quit smoking? Or will you finally maintain that healthy lifestyle that you want? Whatever your new year’s resolutions may be, there is an app that will help you meet those goals. So grab your smartphone and set yourself up for a year of success.
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Apps That Help You Feel The Burn

December 29, 2014 |

I have to admit that working out is not my favorite thing. I want it to be. I’d love to be one of those people who enjoys their daily five mile run. Even though I grew up playing sports, I always hated actually working out. Basketball was fun, it gave me a reason for running up and down the court. I need some sort of motivating factor, and luckily there’s plenty of apps for that!
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Cheap Ways to Combat the Common Cold

December 3, 2014 |

The temps are down and that means just one thing – germs are in the air! The coming of winter brings sneezing, coughing and runny noses galore. But before you spend a fortune on medications to combat the common cold, check out some of these less-expensive home remedies that can help you feel better in a jiffy.
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7 Cheap and Healthy DIY Smoothie Recipes

August 28, 2014 |

Does your daily routine include a smoothie from Jamba Juice? While smoothies are healthy and delicious, they can also be costly, especially when purchased on a regular basis. Why not try creating your own smoothies in the comfort of your own home? You can indulge whenever you would like and have the power to add your own ingredients. You can experiment with various fruits and veggies until you find the ideal combination.

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Avoid Spending More on Your Next Dentist Visit

August 7, 2014 |

Many people dread going to the dentist, and it is not just because of the fear of the drill. A visit to the dentist can be a pain in the wallet. Even with dental insurance, procedures such as root canals and extractions can cost thousands of dollars. But avoiding the dentist altogether will just make matters worse. Here are some tips to inexpensively maintain your smile.

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Skip the Gym Membership with Few At Home Items

July 18, 2014 |

Some people are diehards. They have a gym membership and every day at a certain time without fail they are there sweating it out. For others, the membership card may sit in their wallet and the gym bag may be packed in the trunk of the car, but they may not be used as often as they thought. Whatever type of gym user you are, consider what you actually do at the gym and whether or not you could do it from home at a fraction of the cost. You may be surprised how a few inexpensive items could replace the ever-increasing cost of hitting the gym. Read More

Protecting Pets on a Budget: Save on Flea and Tick Prevention

June 17, 2014 |

Outdoor fun with your pets in the summer is a must. They enjoy the sun and the surf as much as we do. But it is very important to be sure that they are protected from the nasty little buggers that are fleas and ticks. Fleas like to live in sandy soils, while ticks like to live in the woods and long grasses. Both cause problems that are better to prevent than to treat later. Here are some great ways to save on flea and tick prevention. Read More

Finding the Best Summer Gym Deals

June 12, 2014 |

Maybe you kinda, sorta slacked on your New Year's resolution to join a gym this year. Now summertime is here and that adorable bikini is looking awfully...teeny. No need to panic! If you think you cannot get a great deal on a gym membership once the weather gets warmer, think again. January is not the only time of year when membership prices drop. So ditch those oversize tees and shape up with summer deals. Read More