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10 Things Your Houseplants Do When You're Not Around

April 22, 2015 |

1. They get back at the cat for messing with them.

It’s payback when you vacate the vicinity.  Fluffy is fair game.


2. They get even with the mutt, too.



3. ... Read More

How Trash Can Save Cash: Repurposing to Reduce Spending

June 2, 2014 |

Stop! Step away from the trash bin. Before you dump something old, busted or empty, take a moment to consider how it might be used in a way that it was not originally intended for. Years ago, our parents and grandparents were masters of reusing old things to save money. And it worked! Reusing and recycling is about so much more than helping the environment. With a bit of creativity, you can rethink your trash and save your cash. Read More

Forget Expensive Beauty Buys: Use What You Have at Home

April 29, 2014 |

We all love fancy beauty products, but we cannot always afford them. Instead of spending your money on the pricey department store items or spa excursions, try some of these natural beauty solutions you already have at home. Before you go shopping for your next beauty fix, stop by your pantry first! Read More

Live (Green) Like a Celebrity

April 22, 2014 |

Most celebrities are known for their extravagance, but many have made strides in living leaner, "greener" lives by choosing to be more environmentally-friendly. We can learn a lot from them because being greener often means cheaper too! Here are a few of Hollywood's environmental all-stars and tips on how we can live green like them. Read More

Save and Sparkle With DIY Cleaning Supplies

March 24, 2014 |

Spring is finally here, the season when many of us spend lots of time – and money – cleaning our homes. Why spend more on cleaning supplies than you should? All you really need are a few basic household products to help you stay “green” and keep your budget lean while you clean! Read More

Earth Day Deals and Steals

April 23, 2013 |

Sure, Earth Day was yesterday, but you can shop green any time of year! Here are five eco-friendly products to pick up in celebration of sustainability.

Carnival Martini Gift Set

When you imagine eco-friendly products, you might imagine a ... Read More

How to Put More "Green" in Your Halloween

October 4, 2011 |

Orange and black are typically designated as Halloween colors, but we want to help you make the holiday more green. By being more earth-friendly this October 31 you can also save money. Wondering how to make your carbon footprint less scary this Halloween? Get some great ideas on reducing waste while still having a freakish amount of fun.

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BYOB: Stores That Reward Shoppers for Bringing Their Own Bags

May 27, 2011 | 2

Paper or plastic? Or how about neither? Not only is bringing your own bag when you go shopping a good move for the environment, reusable bagit can also be good for your pocket book. You probably need another plastic grocery bag as much as you need another telemarketer calling during dinner. So if being green isn't motivation enough, perhaps saving some green will help you to remember your reusable shopping bags. Here's a list of stores that have been known to offer some kind of bag credit.

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Do "Green Bags" Save You Green?

April 2, 2011 |

I'm a huge fan of reusable shopping bags.  They're much easier to carry than the standard "paper or plastic" variety; reusable bags are sturdier, have easy-to-grab handles, and boast twice the carrying capacity.

Besides that, they're reusable--and often made from post-consumer recycled materials.  That's a plus for the environment.

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Going Green for Back-to-School

August 30, 2010 |

by Doug Desjardins

It used to be that buying eco-friendly and organic products meant spending more money. But now that green products have gone mainstream, it’s easy to find all natural back-to-school products that are affordable.

Students who want to ... Read More

A Green Discount

August 25, 2010 |

Just in case you thought it wasn't possible to go green and save money, I've got news for you.  That's because I was listening to news radio the other day and heard a commercial for an insurance company that offers ... Read More