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Trading Your Old iPad In For a New iPad 2 - Infographic

April 19, 2011 | 4

There's something fun about having the latest and greatest gadget. But it can also be an expensive habit. Millions of people rushed out to buy the original iPad when Apple released it to the public in early April 2010. But when the iPad 2 launched in March of 2011, owners of the original were faced with a tough dilemma-- do they fork over the hundreds of dollars needed for a new one or do they hold on to the first generation model?

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6 Ways to Slyly Introduce Color To Your Man’s Wardrobe

April 12, 2011 | 4

American-Eagle-ColorNo, my man doesn’t wear color (excluding Notre Dame Green, a good 80-90% of his wardrobe) and yes, it bugs me. While I do most of his shopping, I’ve come to learn over our 11 years together that if I bring home anything other than the basics, it conveniently and mysteriously disappears, never to be seen or worn again. However, I was recently skimming through American Eagle’s online Men’s Summer Catalog, admiring all the bright colors, and decided I needed to try again to get him to spice up his wardrobe and perhaps change my direct, in his face method this time. So here you go gals, I’ve done all the work and found 6 sly ways to sneak some color into your man’s closet!

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