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9 Cheap Winter Dates

January 21, 2015 |

It's date night. It's cold out. You're bored. You're also a little strapped for cash after the holiday splurge.  Winter date nights present challenges for those trying to budget, because you don't always have the benefit of being outdoors. Binge-watching ... Read More

Summer Date Night on the Cheap

July 31, 2014 |

Balmy weather and evening sunsets make summer prime time to ramp up your dating schedule. Whether it is date night with your longtime hubby or a first or second date with someone new, you can make the most of your time together without blowing your budget. Here are some fun ways to enjoy date night on the cheap all summer long. Read More

Frugal and Romantic? How to Save Money on Valentine's Day

February 3, 2014 |

February 14: It’s the one day of year when the calendar tells you it’s time to splurge on your honey. While Valentine’s Day means different things to different people, for millions it means a dozen roses, a heart-shaped box of chocolates, a fancy dinner, a thoughtful card and maybe even something sexy to wear. But, just because you are spoiling the one you love, that doesn’t mean you can’t still be your thrifty self. You don’t have to break the bank to show your love this Valentine’s Day. You can still give the big five gifts – and you can do so at a fraction of the cost. Read More

The Most Romantic Gifts Online

February 14, 2013 |

According to a new study plenty of us now shop online more than we date, read or say those three little words-- I love you. A recent study shows that 27-32 year olds are the least romantic age group. Nearly two in five people in this group shop more online than they say "I love you". Thirty-seven percent subscribe to the idea of "date less, shop more." But how about combining romance with shopping? The two don't have to be mutually exclusive with these romantic online gifts.

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Valentine's Day Romance: Free Ways to Pop the Question

February 14, 2012 |

Plenty of people plan to get down on one knee this February 14, popping the question to their significant other. Roughly 2.2 million couples get engaged annually, according to Census numbers, and The Diamond Information Center says that about one in ten of those proposals happen on Valentine's Day. You could charter a helicopter or a hot air balloon. You could spring for a billboard on the side of a highway, or hire a songwriter to put your love to music. And while all of these grand gestures would be great, there are plenty of creative and free ways to pop the question.

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5 Ways to Avoid Being Price Gouged on Valentine's Day

February 9, 2012 | 5

True love is priceless, but why is Valentine's Day so darn expensive? Total spending for Valentine's Day is expected to reach $15.7 billion, according to the National Retail Federation. The average person will fork over $116.21 on Valentine's Day merchandise this year, which is a 12.8 percent increase over 2011. Prices for chocolates, roses and romantic dinners all seem to skyrocket just before February 14. So, we created this guide to help you aAre  yvoid getting price gouged just for showing your love.

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Send These Gag eHarmony Postcards to Your Single Friends

October 19, 2011 | 2

In honor of our awesome eHarmony coupon (20% off for a 6 month membership), we created some fun postcards that you can share with your single friends to give them a nudge back into the dating pool. Who knows, this may be just what they need to find that special someone. But hurry, the deal ends on October 31st.Read More

Cheap Date Ideas for the Frugal Minded

July 8, 2011 | 1

In today’s frugal times, it can be difficult to find the scratch it takes to go on a date. Dinners are expensive, gas to get you from Point A to Point B costs an arm and a leg and if ... Read More

Creative Date Ideas on a Budget

May 4, 2011 | 1

With gas prices putting a strain on many budgets, it’s easy to put dating on the back burner. After all, who has the money to go out for an extravagant dinner at a fancy restaurant? There’s no need to sacrifice fun, though. With a little creativity, you can go on a wonderful date that is both romantic and affordable. Read More

Weird Holiday Monday: Sweets for the Sweet Edition

February 14, 2011 |

Happy Valentine's Day!

February 13 to 19 is International Flirting Week! Wink! ULTIMATE COUPONS EXCLUSIVE! Extra 17% off a 12-month subscription at Pay just $198.70 for a 12-month subscription! Enter coupon code UltCouponsBBQ. Valid through: March 31, 2011 ... Read More

Weird Holiday Monday: Check with your Honey Edition!

September 13, 2010 |

September 12 to 18 is Balance Awareness Week! What's in your wallet? 20% off Elite Checks at Checks in the Mail Cannot be combined with any other promotions, sales or discounts. Enter coupon code ULTIMATE. Valid through: January 1, 2011 ... Read More