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Weekly Summer Activity Planner: 13 Free Things to Do with the Kids

May 26, 2014 |

There are thirteen weekends that fall between Memorial Day and Labor Day this year (yes, I counted!) That is a lot of family time just waiting to be filled.

Vacations and summer camps can be expensive, but have no fear! There are plenty of exciting, free activities out there that will keep the whole family entertained all summer long. Read More

Smartphone Wallets: A Shopping Guide

October 4, 2013 |

With Apple announcing the new iPhone 5s and 5c there will likely be another flood of Smartphones entering the market. Streamline your stuff with a Smartphone wallet-- a handy carrying case that corrals your cash, credit cards and your all-important ... Read More

Back to School Deals and Steals

July 23, 2013 |

It may seem a little early for a back to school post, but summer is fleeting! Plus, so many good deals for the season have already started, you might as well start shopping. Here are five deals to catch before ... Read More

How to Trade in Your iPad 2 for a New iPad 3

March 1, 2012 |

The next generation of the iPad is expected to make its debut in early March. According to rumors the iPad 3 will be unveiled on Wednesday, March 7. Whether you want to trade in your iPad 2 for the latest model, or you'd like to use this opportunity to snatch up an older model at a deep discount, there is money to be made and saved for Apple fans.

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How Your iPad Can Make You a Better Cook

May 16, 2011 | 3

Almost every cook has a secret recipe--and most celebrity chefs have a signature technique that makes all their dishes special.  Emeril's got "Bam!" and Rachael Ray promises fun, fabulous food in 30 minutes or less. Paula Deen, meanwhile, is all about the butter.  But every last one of them has terrific (and terrifically expensive) cookware, appliances and cooking gadgets to make that kitchen magic happen.

Whether you cook out of necessity or make a hobby out of trying new recipes and creating your own signature dishes, you'll find that one of the best cooking tools available won't be mentioned in cookbooks.  In fact, you could get rid of all your cookbooks if you just have this tool.

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Turn Grocery Shopping High Tech

May 10, 2011 |

I consider couponing a hobby. I love saving money, especially if it's on boring stuff like coffee creamer and corn flakes. Many of us grocery-gadget-logocan remember our moms, armed with a pair of Fiskars, hunched over the Sunday circulars. They clipped coupons every week, filed them away and shaved a few bucks of their grocery bills. But like many things in life, couponing has gone completely high tech. Using spread sheets and intense research some extreme couponers are able to pay pennies on the dollar for household items and food. Even if you don't have the time to devote to running a coupon operation like these pros, there are still some great tools that can help you step your couponing up a few notches-- no scissors required.

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How to Get the Best Deal at the Apple Store

May 2, 2011 | 1

When word hits the street that a new MacBook Pro or iPad 2 has been released, swarms of people run to the Apple Store to order the latest gadget. Instead of waiting in line, shopping at the online Apple Store is an easy and efficient way to get your hands on popular new electronics. But did you know there are also ways to save on electronics at the Apple Store? Below are tips and tricks to score the best deal on a new computer and accessories at the Apple Store.

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Cutting the Cord: Say Goodbye to Your Cable Bill!

April 28, 2011 | 5

cut-the-cable_cordLast month, I reached my boiling point on the cable bill.  Excluding high speed Internet service, my Time Warner cable bill had just passed $150 a month.  An HBO / Showtime subscription, the occasional movie rental, DVR service; all the extra services add up quickly.  Even the basic services, like HD channels ($5 a month) or an extra HD cable box for another TV in the house ($10 a month), were ridiculously priced.  If I continued down this path, I'd be on track to spend over $1800 a year for a handful of channels that I actually watched!

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Trading Your Old iPad In For a New iPad 2 - Infographic

April 19, 2011 | 4

There's something fun about having the latest and greatest gadget. But it can also be an expensive habit. Millions of people rushed out to buy the original iPad when Apple released it to the public in early April 2010. But when the iPad 2 launched in March of 2011, owners of the original were faced with a tough dilemma-- do they fork over the hundreds of dollars needed for a new one or do they hold on to the first generation model?

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Should I Buy A Tablet?

April 5, 2011 | 5

Apple-Store-ipad-2-Free-EngravingIn the past year, tablets have become widely available at electronics sites such as the Apple Store. But what exactly does a tablet offer over a typical smartphone or notebook computer? And is it worth spending the money on a tablet?

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Which Printer is Right for You?

March 30, 2011 | 3

Apple-Store-PrintersShopping for a new printer can be an overwhelming experience. After all, there are so many brands, models, and price points to choose from. The Apple Store has lot of options and some of the printers are free with the purchase of a new computer.  If you’re in the market for a printer, here are a few tips to get started in selecting the best device to suit your printing needs and your budget.

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