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Goodie Bag Ideas for Your Holiday Guests

December 15, 2014 |

‘Tis the season to host a gaggle of out-of-towners as you celebrate the holidays the way they were meant to be – with loved ones! Your guest rooms are probably all set up, but they’re missing one important item: a welcoming goodie bag. I know, I know, you’ve already got enough on your plate, but these are super easy to put together and will leave enough cash leftover to buy that 25 pound turkey you’ll be serving as a holiday meal.
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Amazon Prime: Is it Worth it?

October 22, 2014 |

There is a lot of talk about Amazon Prime. Is it worth the membership costs? What are the perks? At our house, I do a fair amount of online shopping and sometimes wish I was getting the free two-day shipping option. I also have Netflix and love to binge-watch shows in order to catch up. I decided it was time to embark on my free trial to find out if it was actually worth it for my family. Here are my findings. (Please note that your findings may be different than mine, but you can always start your own free trial to find out for yourself!)

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Don't You Dare Shop at These 5 Stores Without a Coupon

August 13, 2014 |

I love a great sale, but I must admit there's something particularly satisfying about using a coupon to get a deal, especially online. You know that little thrill you get when you punch in the code and watch the discount pop up on your bill right before your very eyes? (I can't be the only one, right?!) There are hundreds of stores with great coupons – just check out – but the following five are coupon superstars; my go-to stores for savings when it's time for a shopping spree. Read More

Between the Sheets: Things to Consider When Buying Bedding

August 5, 2014 |

You sleep on average eight hours a day. Given you spend almost 3,000 hours a year in bed, you must have incredible sheets right? For many people, the answer is no. Despite the many hours of wear and tear inflicted on bed sheets, many people use their sheets longer than they should or cheap out when buying sheets in the first place. You can get a great sheet set (fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillowcases) at the cost of a nice dinner out at a restaurant -- and they will last much longer than that. Choosing a sheet set can be daunting though with a variety of styles to choose between. Here are just a few of the options you could curl up with tonight. Read More

Registry Must-Haves: 10 Wedding Gifts You Will Still Use in 20 Years

May 28, 2014 |

Creating a wedding registry is a rite of passage for engaged couples. Running around Bed, Bath and Beyond armed with your registry scanner can seem like a fun way to spend an afternoon, but the decisions you make could impact your life a decade or two down the road. You'll probably get more gifts on your wedding day than at any other point in your life. Get the most value out of your stash of wedding gifts by taking some advice from those with the most insight. According to couples who have been married for many, many years, these are the ten weddings gifts you will still use in 20 years. Read More

Real Ways to Get Product Samples for Free

May 21, 2014 |

There is nothing better than getting something for free! You probably do not realize, but you can find big savings with free product samples. You can find anything from laundry detergent and shampoo to magazine subscriptions and stationery. What may seem small at the time can end up helping you in the future. Sample size beauty products, for example, are great for any sort of travel. Small household samples even make a great college care package or a housewarming gift! With the limited effort it takes to request samples, it is well worth your time. Read More

Save Your Money When You Save Your Makeup

May 7, 2014 |

If you are a makeup lover, you know that it always seems to run out (or need to be replaced) every few weeks. And that can get expensive! Here are a few tricks to help keep your makeup bag full without emptying your purse.

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Secrets Revealed: Expert Tips on Saving Big at Victoria's Secret

March 21, 2014 |

Is it a mystery to you how to score really good deals at Victoria's Secret? Well today we are letting the cat out of the bag. We've enlisted the help of a Victoria's Secret pro to decode the best way to save big on bras, undies and workout wear.

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How to Make Sure Your Online Diaper Deal Isn't Crappy

February 14, 2014 |

Tell me this hasn’t happened to you: You think you’ve just gotten a steal of a deal on diapers until you get home and notice that the box you bought is actually smaller than the one you usually buy. Suddenly, the diapers you thought were 20 cents each were actually 27 cents (and you shouldn’t have bought four boxes). This is a ridiculously easy mistake to make, considering that diaper packages have names like “Huge Box”, “Super Pack”, “Jumbo Pack”, “Giant Pack” and “Economy Pack.” Not to mention that in each of these categories there are six different sizes of diapers and the quantity of diapers in the box is different for every size.

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Black Friday Must-Haves for 2012

November 12, 2012 |

A record 226 million shoppers spent $52 billion dollars during Black Friday 2011 weekend, says the National Federation of Retailers. The average shopper spent $398.62 in 2011. What do shoppers have to look forward to this year on Black Friday? Besides big crowds and long lines, there are sure to be some spectacular deals for 2012. Here are some of the hottest items that will fly off shelves on November 23.

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Generic vs Name Brand: Does It Make a Difference?

September 29, 2011 | 3

Sometimes they're called store brands, others know them as private labels. Whatever you call them, generic products can save you lots of money. According to Harris Interactive, a recent poll shows three in five adults in the US have purchased more generic brands. Those between the ages of 34-45 are the most likely to use this money-saving method with 70% saying they're fine with choosing generics over name brand products. If you're not going generic, emotions could be playing a part. Read More