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Back to School

The 10 Grossest School Lunches

August 13, 2015 |

Ah, grade school. It was a time of innocence and playfulness, of Barbie doll exchanges on the playground, of Rainbow Brite gossip on the swings (yep, 1980s kid at your service). It was also a time of unidentifiable ... Read More

10 Best Backpacks For Under $40 Part 2

August 12, 2015 |

That magical time of the year is upon us that’s known as “back to school.” Well, it’s magical for the parents. For the kids, no so much. But there is something that can ease the pain of another summer coming ... Read More

10 Best Backpacks For Under $40, Part 1

August 12, 2015 |

In just a few short weeks, high school and college kids alike trade flip-flops and and shorts for school lunch boxes and backpacks. While what they carry inside their backpacks may differ by ages -- think number two pencils for ... Read More

Make the Most of Your Student Discount This Semester

January 8, 2015 |

It's January and you're back at school. Most likely a lot poorer than you were before the holidays. Before you resort to a steady diet of ramen noodles and tap water this semester, let me remind you of an extremely helpful benefit of that photo ID you're forced to carry with you everywhere: student discounts. Yes, that lovely little piece of plastic entitles you to tons of savings that reach far beyond the campus bookstore.
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Money-Saving Tips for Labeling School Stuff

October 21, 2014 |

Back in my day, the only labels I saw at school occurred when you ended up with two children in your class with the same first name. From that day forward, one of them got to stick with their first name, while the other was forever after known as "Jennifer R." and labeling of jackets, shoes, etc. ensued. The new rule of thumb in the school system is that your child's name should be on anything and everything that accompanies them to school from their underwear to their backpack. While you are still welcome to get the black sharpie marker out and start writing in every piece of clothing, labeling products and ready-to-go label packages do exist for this very purpose. And, these products are marketing themselves as dishwasher safe, washing machine safe, microwave safe and so on. Whereas your black marker efforts may be completely unreadable after one wash. Read More

Back-to-Campus Style for Under $100

September 5, 2014 |

The last thing college students want to worry about as they prepare to head back to school is their wardrobe. As it is, there is a semester full of classes, events and late nights to focus on. Fortunately, it is simple to build a functional back-to-campus wardrobe that will not break the bank, with pieces to suit every occasion on the agenda. Read More

Forget Tuition: 3 Ways to Get a Free Education

August 29, 2014 |

For 2013-2014, the average cost of an in-state public college is $22,826 per year. For a private school, the cost nearly doubles at $44,750 per year. Add on living expenses, textbooks, and housing and you're paying more than most people make annually. While there are government and private funding resources, you don't want to go into debt either. Luckily, there are now a host of great educational opportunities for free! Read More

5 Free Apps to Stop Back-to-School Stress

August 26, 2014 |

Every year summer comes to a crashing halt when the school year begins. The lazy summer mornings turn into school morning routines, and timing is everything. This year, try some tested tricks to get your kids moving, and even a couple for the parents too. After all, who couldn’t use some free help in the morning? Read More

6 Chic Backpacks That Don't Cost a Fortune

August 22, 2014 |

These days, runways are rife with high-end backpacks that cost a small fortune. Chances are you never anticipated this when you were a mere tyke hoisting her Strawberry Shortcake bag onto her shoulders, but today's styles catapult the look to another level. These all-grown-up bags are made with exotic materials and bear edgy details that make them just as viable as any shoulder bag or tote. Here are several styles that make the grade - minus the bank-busting price tag.

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Budget-Friendly Ways to Make the First Day of School Special

August 19, 2014 |

Each year, the beginning of a new school year looms over a summer of fun activities, family time and being outdoors. A lot of kids (and parents) look forward to going back to a schedule, while others have a really hard time with it. This year, create something new and special that can be done year after year, and create your own back-to-school tradition. Check out this list for a few ideas. Read More

Unique Ways for College Students to Save Money

August 18, 2014 |

According to the College Board, the average tuition for an in-state public college is close to $9,000 a year. That does not include housing, food, books, supplies, parking, transportation and other fees. Add in all these expenses and expect to pay more than $22,000 annually. Perhaps this is why many students are graduating college with tens of thousands of dollars in debt. But it does not have to be that way. With some smart planning and creative ways to approach college life, you can save thousands of dollars a year. That’s money that can be used for entertainment or to pay down your college debt.

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