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About Jackie De Pape Hornick

Jackie De Pape Hornick

Jackie De Pape Hornick

Jackie De Pape Hornick is a freelance writer who loves finding great deals and sharing her finds with others.

Posts By Jackie De Pape Hornick

Don't Let Car Costs Crash Your Budget

April 11, 2014 |

You buy a new vehicle and you drive away from the dealership knowing exactly what your monthly payment will be. But, that one payment is just a drop in the bucket when you consider all the different costs involved in owning and operating a car. An American Automobile Association’s 2013 annual report says an American driving a midsize sedan will spend over $9,000 a year on car expenses (gas, maintenance, insurance, license and registration costs, and financing). More than you thought? Here are some savings tips that will help make sure your car doesn’t run over your budget. Read More

Vacation Expenses: 5 Extras Taking the “All” Out of “All-Inclusive”

April 9, 2014 |

All-inclusive: It’s the promise of a vacation in which the majority (ahem, or dare I say all) of your expenses are paid upfront, so that when you arrive at your destination all you have to do is relax, enjoy yourself and leave your wallet locked safely away in your room safe. Read More

Men vs. Women: Who’s Looking for Deals Online?

April 4, 2014 |

Online shopping is done behind closed doors in the privacy of one’s home (maybe even in pajamas). Perhaps your online shopping style is to browse the same handful of websites or to only buy certain categories of products online, like electronics or book. Someone else’s online shopping habits could be totally different. A recent infographic from Paymentsense gave us the following insights into the world of online shopping habits, a world where you cannot see who is browsing the same sales rack as you. Read More

Why Shopping With Your Mom (Or Daughter) Is a Good Thing

March 28, 2014 |

It used to be that moms couldn’t even be seen in the mall parking lot with their teens, often doing a drop-off a few blocks away. Now, moms and teens are (gasp!) shopping in some of the same stores and even borrowing items from each other’s closets. Gone are the days when prom dress shopping was a nightmare day in which moms protectively guarded their credit cards, refusing to pay for the “dress” the teen insisted was in style and that her other friends were all allowed to wear. Here’s why this prom dress season you may see moms and teens smiling in stores instead. Read More

Where to Find Oscars' Hottest Looks on a Budget

March 4, 2014 |

Who’s wearing what has always been just as important as who won the awards when it comes to the Academy Awards. On Hollywood’s biggest night, the A-list stars walk the red carpet in designer gowns, often unveiling trends that we weren’t even aware of yet. Reporters ask, “Who are you wearing?” and a who’s who of designer names are announced again and again. What if I told you that you could wear one of the dresses you just saw on Oscar night without selling your firstborn or taking a second mortgage out on your house? Websites that offer copycats of celebrity dresses are a real thing. Read More

5 Surprising Places to Use Your Negotiation Skills

February 24, 2014 |

Call it haggling; call it bartering or call it twisting someone’s arm, the price on the sticker doesn’t always have to be the price that you pay. While we’re all game to give price negotiation our biggest stare down at a car dealership, a neighborhood garage sale or at a market on a tropical vacation, you may be surprised to learn that you can bring your negotiation skills out to work their magic in all kinds of everyday places. Read More

The Top 5 Flashiest Malls in America

February 19, 2014 |

“I’m going to the mall.” We all say it, but it can mean very different things. Back in the day, many shopping centers were created equal with a long, straight corridor and a small food court at one end. Today, some of America’s malls boast a ridiculous amount of square footage and deliver a wow factor. So much so, that going to the mall can actually mean going on a rollercoaster or going ice-skating.  Read More

How to Make Sure Your Online Diaper Deal Isn't Crappy

February 14, 2014 |

Tell me this hasn’t happened to you: You think you’ve just gotten a steal of a deal on diapers until you get home and notice that the box you bought is actually smaller than the one you usually buy. Suddenly, the diapers you thought were 20 cents each were actually 27 cents (and you shouldn’t have bought four boxes). This is a ridiculously easy mistake to make, considering that diaper packages have names like “Huge Box”, “Super Pack”, “Jumbo Pack”, “Giant Pack” and “Economy Pack.” Not to mention that in each of these categories there are six different sizes of diapers and the quantity of diapers in the box is different for every size.

Read More

How to Score the Best Event Tickets at the Best Price

February 7, 2014 |

“Are you going to the game?” “Did you hear who is coming in concert?” “I’d love to see that live.” No matter what the event is, there are two things for certain: People want to be as close to the action as possible and get the best price they can on tickets. But, how do you do that? Here are a few tips that will help get you to the front of the line. Read More

Frugal and Romantic? How to Save Money on Valentine's Day

February 3, 2014 |

February 14: It’s the one day of year when the calendar tells you it’s time to splurge on your honey. While Valentine’s Day means different things to different people, for millions it means a dozen roses, a heart-shaped box of chocolates, a fancy dinner, a thoughtful card and maybe even something sexy to wear. But, just because you are spoiling the one you love, that doesn’t mean you can’t still be your thrifty self. You don’t have to break the bank to show your love this Valentine’s Day. You can still give the big five gifts – and you can do so at a fraction of the cost. Read More

5 Things to Buy Now for Your Super Bowl Party

January 25, 2014 |

We may not know yet who will win on Super Bowl Sunday for NFL’s biggest night of the year, but we do know this – if you’re hosting a Super Bowl party in your home, now’s the time to fill the freezer and pantry with all your munchies. The closer you get to kick-off, the more you’re going to pay and the harder it will be to find the staples that people have to come to expect at a Super Bowl party. Read More