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About Jackie De Pape Hornick

Jackie De Pape Hornick

Jackie De Pape Hornick

Jackie De Pape Hornick is a freelance writer who loves finding great deals and sharing her finds with others.

Posts By Jackie De Pape Hornick

Skip the Gym Membership with Few At Home Items

July 18, 2014 |

Some people are diehards. They have a gym membership and every day at a certain time without fail they are there sweating it out. For others, the membership card may sit in their wallet and the gym bag may be packed in the trunk of the car, but they may not be used as often as they thought. Whatever type of gym user you are, consider what you actually do at the gym and whether or not you could do it from home at a fraction of the cost. You may be surprised how a few inexpensive items could replace the ever-increasing cost of hitting the gym. Read More

5 Wedding Centerpieces for Cents

July 14, 2014 |

Prime wedding season is in full swing and chances are there is an invite or two up on your fridge. Gone are the days when you knew just what to expect from a wedding. Today's brides are putting their personal touches on absolutely every aspect of their special day. Why have a three-tier cake when you could have cupcakes, doughnuts or even no cake at all? Why do a traditional slow dance for your first dance as husband and wife when you could do a choreographed, flash mob routine? And, why use expensive flowers for your table centerpieces when you could come up with a creative, cost-effective option instead? Read More

Viva Las Vegas: Top 4 Shopping Experiences

July 4, 2014 |

Las Vegas is a city that rewards those who want to save and also those who want to splurge. You can play the penny slots all night long or you can sit at a secret high rollers table worth more than your life. You can find a steak and eggs all-you-can-eat buffet for a few dollars or you can drop hundreds on bottle service just to get into a nightclub. You can stay in a hotel way off the strip to save or you could book a luxury suite with a top of the world view. The same range exists when you look at Vegas’ shopping options. With so much to choose from, don’t miss these four shopping experiences. Read More

Have Your Own Kimye Wedding on a Budget

June 18, 2014 |

Love them or hate them, everyone knows that reality television star Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West (a.k.a. Kimye)  recently wed in a lavish European wedding, estimated to have broke the bank at $2.8 million. It is a safe bet that your wedding budget is signficantly lower than that, but that does not mean that you cannot steal some of their ideas for your big day -- and at a much lower cost. Read More

3 Reasons to Abandon Your Online Shopping Cart

May 22, 2014 |

There's something in your cart. Would you like to go back and complete your purchase?

Not every item we click on to add to a shopping bag or shopping cart when online shopping actually ends up being ordered. Far from it! And, retailers have noticed. So much so, that "abandoned cart recovery" is a very real industry term for using email marketing to try and recover the sale. Read More

What Would Your Dream Shopping Mall Look Like?

May 19, 2014 |

What would improve the shopping centre shopping experience for you? For a 10-year-old shopper in Meadowhall Shopping Centre in England that would be the introduction of shopping lanes -- one for the fast and another for the painfully slow window shoppers who spawn internal rage for her when she gets stuck behind them. Shockingly, her shopping center listened to her and the shopping center's floor now looks like a road with designated lanes. (No word yet on whether there are traffic cops). It's an inspired idea that could certainly fly in any shopping centre. And it got us thinking: If we could change anything else about shopping centers, what would we change? Read More

Getting the Most Out of Your Fine Dining Splurge

May 16, 2014 |

The menu does not have pictures. The napkins are not made of paper. There are no crayons in sight. You must be at a fine dining establishment. When it comes to "fancy restaurants", you are obviously expecting a larger bill at the end of the evening. It can be fun to splurge on a more expensive dinner out for special occasions or date nights. But, just because you are spending a mint for dinner, doesn't mean you shouldn't get your money's worth. Here are some tips for making the most (and paying the least) for your fine dining experience. Read More

No Excuse Not to Get These 4 Grocery Items on Sale

May 15, 2014 |

The great thing about non-perishable grocery items is that they very likely will not expire or "go bad" before you get a chance to use them. So why is it that every now and thenwe find ourselves staring into the abyss of a pantry only to discover that we forgot to put an item on the grocery list and have now completely run out of it. If this is an item you use all the time, this means that it is going in your cart the next time you go grocery shopping, regardless of its price. You know full well when you buy that item at full price that if you had planned a little better you could have bought the same item on sale. Especially if that item is one of these four non-perishable grocery items. There is no excuse for buying one of these items at full price, as sales are frequent and worth the wait.

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Entertainment Expenses Exposed: High Costs of a New Video Game Console

May 13, 2014 |

When it comes to deciding whether or not to purchase the latest and greatest video game console, like the new Xbox One or PS4, people are 'humming and hahing' about the purchase since the cost of a console hovers around the $500 mark. Yes, that is a decent amount of money to shell out in one swipe for gaming. But, buyer beware, buying the console is just one of the many things you'll need to get started and over time. There's a price to play. Here are some extra costs you should expect, so you're not surprised when you go to play your new console.

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Buy "As Seen on TV" Anywhere But on TV

April 30, 2014 |

What do you think of when I say Glare Blocker, Slap Chop, Wallet Ninja or Dump Cakes? You probably guessed it: The Shopping Channel. Or maybe you're thinking of the "As Seen on TV" retail store in your local shopping center. While we still see interesting products being advertised on television in the wee hours of the morning (and on some channels, 24 hours a day), you no longer have to rely on this being the only way to find some of these truly unique products. What was at one time only available for a limited time (yes, there was a countdown clock running in the corner of the TV), for four easy payments and for overpriced shipping and handling charges, can now be purchased in a multitude of brick and mortar stores and at online retailers. Let's use the Slap Chop as an example.

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Move Over Price Match Guarantees: Meet Savings Catcher

April 21, 2014 |

We can probably all remember a shopping experience where we drove all over town, popping into multiple stores just to make sure we got the best price on an item. Now, all it takes at many large retailers is a trip over to the customer service counter with the competitor’s flyer in your hand to get a price matched or the store itself already has posted the competitor’s flyer right on their shelf beside the item to show you they want to make sure they are giving you the best price around.

But, what if I told you there could now be something even better than all those things. Walmart’s new Savings Catcher is a tool that means comparison shopping just got easier. And while it has just been launched in select markets, its huge potential could mean that cities other than Atlanta, Charlotte, Lexington, Dallas, Huntsville, San Diego and Minneapolis, could have the option of having their savings caught too. Read More