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About Jackie De Pape Hornick

Jackie De Pape Hornick

Jackie De Pape Hornick

Jackie De Pape Hornick is a freelance writer who loves finding great deals and sharing her finds with others.

Posts By Jackie De Pape Hornick

5 Awesome No-Dinner Wedding Ideas

October 28, 2014 |

Ceremony. I do. Cocktail hour. Dinner. Dance. Does this sound like 90% of the weddings you attend? This could even be 100% of the weddings you attend. But, it does not have to be that way. Brides love personalizing their big day with special wedding take-home favors, unique centerpieces, a surprise choreographed bridal party dance and more. Brides are even going one stop further and taking the traditional wedding dinner out of the equation. No wedding dinner? No problem. Wedding dinners are far from cheap and after attending many, many weddings it can be refreshing to attend a wedding that plays around with the more traditional format. Here are some ideas on how you can have an amazing wedding -- without serving a sit-down dinner. Read More

Money-Saving Tips for Labeling School Stuff

October 21, 2014 |

Back in my day, the only labels I saw at school occurred when you ended up with two children in your class with the same first name. From that day forward, one of them got to stick with their first name, while the other was forever after known as "Jennifer R." and labeling of jackets, shoes, etc. ensued. The new rule of thumb in the school system is that your child's name should be on anything and everything that accompanies them to school from their underwear to their backpack. While you are still welcome to get the black sharpie marker out and start writing in every piece of clothing, labeling products and ready-to-go label packages do exist for this very purpose. And, these products are marketing themselves as dishwasher safe, washing machine safe, microwave safe and so on. Whereas your black marker efforts may be completely unreadable after one wash. Read More

Pay Less For That Wedding Dress

October 17, 2014 |

It is fun to watch those reality television shows that follow the bride-to-be as she searches for the one. I am not talking about looking for the right partner; I am talking about looking for the right dress. But, what usually makes my jaw drop to the floor is when the bride announces her budget for the dress -- and it's an astronomical price that rivals the price tag of a small wedding. Choosing a dress is a tricky balance. On the one hand, you know how little the garment will be worn compared to its price. Yet, you also know it is your special day and you only get to pick one. There are ways to (gasp!) get a wedding dress at bargain. Keep these tips in mind before you begin dress shopping. Read More

Costume Costs: How to Keep Halloween Happy

October 13, 2014 |

"What do you want to be for Halloween?" It is the question we dreadfully ask our children and hope the answer falls somewhere in between do-able and affordable. It can be hard to stomach spending a bundle on a costume that is only worn for a few hours and for some reason always seems to be cheaply made, regardless of the cost. Here are a few ideas for finding fun costumes that will make Halloween night more memorable than your credit card bill. Read More

How to Buy Concert Merchandise Any Day

September 18, 2014 |

Your favorite musical artist is finally coming to your local city and what better way to remember what is sure to be a great night than with some merchandise from the concert. Gone are the days when the only options at the merchandise booth were T-shirts, posters, programs and more T-shirts. The options at the show are widespread -- and the options do not end when the show is over either. Thanks to online shopping you can buy concert merch before and after the show, without even buying a concert ticket and even at the same prices as at the show. Read More

Hosting a Budget-Friendly TV Season Premiere Party

September 12, 2014 |

Fall is that glorious time of year when we welcome back many of our favorite television shows from their summer hiatus. After months of waiting (which is even harder now in our binge-watching world), the season premiere episode is one you do not want to miss. Especially considering so many shows end their season on a cliffhanger to leave you wanting more. Instead of watching the show all by your lonesome, while all your friends also watch it at their respective homes, why not host a theme premiere party? It will save you a lot of texting back and forth with your friends and can be creative without being expensive. Read More

Let's Get Pizza! 5 Ways to Make The Most Of Your Order

September 3, 2014 |

You could throw in a frozen pizza or make one from scratch, but there is something about picking up the phone or going online, placing an order and having a (hopefully) piping hot pizza arrive at your door. But no two pizza orders are alike. The day of the week, the number of toppings, whether the toppings are standard or specialty, all make a difference in the final tally of your bill. You can make a pizza order like a pro with these simple tips. Read More

To Pre-Order or Not to Pre-Order?

August 21, 2014 |

Whether it is a video game, a movie, a book or a box set of your favorite television show, there is bound to be something that gets you excited enough about its upcoming release date that you consider if you should pre-order your copy. With a pre-order you get the benefit of the guarantee. By ordering your copy before the item is actually on sale, you are guaranteeing that there will be a copy of the latest release in that hot video game franchise or much-anticipated final book in a tween trilogy set aside with your name on it. But, does the guarantee come with a price? Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of a pre-order.

Read More

Top 3 Baby Products That Pull Double Duty

August 8, 2014 |

When you make the leap from having one kid to two, the last thing you want to do is also double the amount of kid stuff in your house. It is possible to double the kids without doubling the stuff with a little foresight. Planning for two right from the day you are handed your firstborn will save you a lot of money, a lot of clutter and a lot of time spent researching products. If you know you do not plan at stopping at one, here's what I recommend to put at the top of your baby shower list. Read More

Between the Sheets: Things to Consider When Buying Bedding

August 5, 2014 |

You sleep on average eight hours a day. Given you spend almost 3,000 hours a year in bed, you must have incredible sheets right? For many people, the answer is no. Despite the many hours of wear and tear inflicted on bed sheets, many people use their sheets longer than they should or cheap out when buying sheets in the first place. You can get a great sheet set (fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillowcases) at the cost of a nice dinner out at a restaurant -- and they will last much longer than that. Choosing a sheet set can be daunting though with a variety of styles to choose between. Here are just a few of the options you could curl up with tonight. Read More

Oh Baby! 3 Cheap Alternatives to Expensive Baby Items

July 28, 2014 |

Your little bundle of joy has arrived. Sure it may have teeny tiny fingers and toes and fit in your arm like a football, but this small baby will have big needs. Whether they are gifted to you at a baby shower, are beloved hand-me-downs from friends or are items you have bought yourself, your home is about to turn into baby world. And the rule of thumb seems to be -- the smaller the baby, the bigger the stuff. Seeing as babydom is a small window of time, do you really need all the expensive bells and whistles to raise your little one? No. Save some money for baby's college fund by buying these cheap alternatives to pricey baby items instead. Read More