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About Barb Szyszkiewicz

Barb Szyszkiewicz

Barb Szyszkiewicz

Barb Szyszkiewicz enjoys reading, writing, cooking, writing about cooking, and reading cookbooks! You'll find her not-so-secret recipes at SFO Mom Fridge. Barb lives with her husband and three children in southern New Jersey--and that's her real last name, not a typo.

Posts By Barb Szyszkiewicz

Gamers R Us

November 13, 2008 | 1

My children inherited their video-game addition from my husband.  He's a gamer from way back when; we have his old Atari computer and a whole bunch of vintage Nintendo games that still work on the old console.  Duck Hunt, anyone?  ... Read More

A Fan is Born

November 12, 2008 |

I finished college before I ever saw a football game.  My family watched plenty of football on TV every fall weekend, but I was completely uninterested in the game.  I had no idea how football was played, and frankly I ... Read More


November 10, 2008 | 2

My oldest child will soon be of legal driving age, which makes me think back to the time when I got my driver's license.  Of course, I went through all the "behind the wheel" training through my school and lived ... Read More

The Shoe and Handbag Fashion Show

November 7, 2008 |

I don't know how it works at other schools, but I consider PTA meetings a "Shoe and Handbag Fashion Show." In my book, there's no place better to spot some great shoes or bags. You'll be sitting around in a ... Read More

Dream House

November 6, 2008 |

I think that everyone has a Dream House. I know that I do. In fact, I've had the same Dream House since I was a very small child.

We used to visit relatives who lived in a town full of ... Read More

Fine Dining

November 5, 2008 |

We don't eat out much.  There are a few reasons for this; my husband's work schedule is one of them.  He doesn't always get to walk out of his office at 5:00 on the dot.

The other reasons are the ... Read More

Buried Under Books

November 4, 2008 |

Books. I can never get enough of them.

I have them piled on my night table and on a small table between my desk and the couch. I have a tote bag full-to-bursting with library books. More books are double- ... Read More

Cosmetically Challenged

November 3, 2008 | 2

I've never been that good at makeup.  During my adolescence, I failed Hair and Makeup.  The one lipstick that I own is used so rarely that even though it's eight years old, it has barely lost its point.

My 12-year-old ... Read More

Fall Preparations

October 30, 2008 |

It’s my favorite season.  Right now the leaves on the trees around here are turning all sorts of beautiful colors.  The nights are a little chilly—cool enough for a jacket, but not so cold that you can’t sleep with the ... Read More

Blogging for Coupons

October 29, 2008 | 4

Let me begin by saying that I am thrilled to be part of things here at Ultimate Coupons! I’m a homemaker with three children ages 6 to 16. Come December, two of my children will be teenagers, so if I ... Read More