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Alison Storm

Alison Storm

Alison Storm is a freelance writer based in Greenville, South Carolina. In addition to writing for, Alison loves sharing deals on her Instagram page and Twitter account. Learn more at

Posts By Alison Storm

Which Office Supply Store Will Save You the Most?

May 17, 2011 | 3

staples storeDo you shop at Staples, Office Max, or Office Depot? Perhaps you've tried all of them or tend to stick to the same source for your office supply needs. But do you really know which one offers the best prices, service and policies? Be confident you're shopping for school and office gear at the best place with this side-by-side comparison.

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Five Tips to Score Company Donations

May 17, 2011 |

begging dogDogs are great at begging, but it's not so easy for humans. There's a lot of competition for charitable dollars. With so many worthy causes and nonprofits needing assistance, it's important to approach companies the right way when you're asking for support. We found out what works and what doesn't straight from those who have gone through fundraising experiences. Don't worry, no puppy dog eyes required.

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Is Selling Gold Online a Scam?

May 16, 2011 |

You may notice more signs popping up around your community announcing "We Buy Gold." This precious metal is extremely hot gold jewelrybecause gold prices recently hit an all-time high. That means brokers can make big bucks off your scrap jewelry or dental gold. You can also sell your gold online as a way to make some quick cash. But before you throw your metals in the mail, check out these tips to help you get the most cash.

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Turn Grocery Shopping High Tech

May 10, 2011 |

I consider couponing a hobby. I love saving money, especially if it's on boring stuff like coffee creamer and corn flakes. Many of us grocery-gadget-logocan remember our moms, armed with a pair of Fiskars, hunched over the Sunday circulars. They clipped coupons every week, filed them away and shaved a few bucks of their grocery bills. But like many things in life, couponing has gone completely high tech. Using spread sheets and intense research some extreme couponers are able to pay pennies on the dollar for household items and food. Even if you don't have the time to devote to running a coupon operation like these pros, there are still some great tools that can help you step your couponing up a few notches-- no scissors required.

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How to Find the Deals and Freebies You're Missing on Facebook

May 10, 2011 | 2

Millions of people are on Facebook as a way to connect with old classmates, check up on a former flame or just announce to the swiffer-360-giveawayworld what they had for lunch. But it's also a great resource for finding exclusive freebies and deals that you won't find anywhere else. Wondering what kind of deals you can find and how to locate them? We've got some tips for unlocking the frugal side of Facebook.

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Top Online Cash Back Shopping Sites, Which is the Best?

May 2, 2011 | 1

The thought of getting paid to shop sounds like a dream come true for many of us. And in a way, cash back shopping websites can cashmake that a reality. When you shop through these cash back portals, a percentage of each purchase from various retailers is returned to you. They also offer perks like sign-up bonuses, referral rewards and coupon codes. There are so many of these online cash back shopping sites popping up we thought a side-by-side comparison of some of the most popular portals would be helpful. Here's a rundown of Ebates, Mr. Rebates, Big Crumbs, Spree and Fat Wallet.

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How to Know a Coupon Site Isn't a Scam

April 27, 2011 |

Almost everyone knows the Internet can be a great source for printable coupons. In fact, a new report from marketing research firm scam couponMorpace found that more than two-thirds of US consumers have downloaded printable coupons from the Web. And an article from Promo Magazine says these coupons are redeemed at higher rates than other types of coupons. While there's no doubt online coupons are a great way to save money, sometimes coupon sites can seem sketchy. Avoid viruses, identity theft or fraudulent coupons by making sure a coupon site isn't a scam. Read More

How to Make Sure You're Not Involved In Coupon Fraud

April 26, 2011 | 2

Coupon use has exploded since the Great Recession. According to a study by information management firm Inmar, in 2009 consumers redeemed 3.3 billion coupons which is Free Cokethe highest usage since they started tracking coupon use back in 1988. Businesses issued 367 billion coupons in 2009 and roughly ten percent of those were cashed in. According to Inc. Magazine, Google searches for the phrases "printable coupons" and "online printable coupons" more than doubled. But while the popularity of coupons has skyrocketed, so have the cases of coupon fraud. Some consumers may be unknowingly using fake coupons to save money on groceries or household supplies. But coupon fraud is serious so here are some ways to make sure you're not taking part.

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Big Changes to Walmart's Coupon Policy

April 25, 2011 | 1

Walmart is making some big changes in an effort to pull out of a sales slump. For starters, the discount retailer is changing its

tagline to, "Low Prices, Every day. On everything." And they mean everything. According to CNN, along with a tweaked slogan the company recently announced changes to its price match policy.

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How To Find The Best Giveaways On The Web

April 20, 2011 | 4

At any given time there are thousands of giveaways happening on the web. And the only way you're going to get a shot at these fabulous prizes is to throw your name into the hat. And your odds are definitely better when you find the giveaways that may be lesser-known. Need help finding the best giveaways on the web? Here are resources to help you win some fabulous free prizes.

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Trading Your Old iPad In For a New iPad 2 - Infographic

April 19, 2011 | 4

There's something fun about having the latest and greatest gadget. But it can also be an expensive habit. Millions of people rushed out to buy the original iPad when Apple released it to the public in early April 2010. But when the iPad 2 launched in March of 2011, owners of the original were faced with a tough dilemma-- do they fork over the hundreds of dollars needed for a new one or do they hold on to the first generation model?

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