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The Best Star Wars Merch

The Best Star Wars Merch
Angela Germano

In addition to being a media powerhouse, Star Wars has always been known for giving its fans exactly the kind of merchandise they want. Do you want a giant Dewback for your Barbies to ride? Or do you want entire kitchen and bathroom sets in an R2-D2 theme? They're also very, very good at producing low-end merchandise, like action figures and things of that sort, that appeal to even the most die-hard fan, so starting a collection doesn't involve dropping $600 on something that you're afraid to even touch.

My Star Wars collection is only equal to about 1 month's rent, which I consider very reasonable, considering how long I've been building it (I was a really cool 8th grader, let me tell you). But with all of the new merchandise flooding the market, it's been incredibly hard to keep my cool and my ability to pay my bills all at once, when everything great is happening right now, but my preference for a roof and food have kept me strong.

That said, if you're not me, there's an entire universe (get it?) or merchandise out there, ranging from the uselessly beautiful (come to me, my sweet 6'x10' inflatable Jabba, we are meant for each other) to more reasonable, useful things, like an almost full line of kitchen supplies, including incredibly fancy and ornate-looking lightsaber hilt candlesticks that wouldn't look out of place on any table.

Aside from these fine, fancy-man products, there's a lot of generic silliness in the Star Wars world. Everything from high-end lightsaber replicas that make you feel like you're in the films themselves (I have one, they really, really do), there are also nonsense housewares like a Wampa skin rug [], a Tauntaun sleeping bag with a guts printed on the inside so you really feel like you're sad, frozen Luke, and the expected wide range of electronic toys. There's even a lightsaber selfie stick to show how they're watching the trends and keeping you stylish AND protected at any time.

The Star Wars world has worked very hard to supply merchandise to fill any dream you could have, from when you were a child watching the movies in a blanket that you told everyone was a Jedi robe, to the fanbase who remember seeing the originals in theaters and dreaming about the original trio. There's even merchandise from the Extended Universe of Star Wars, such as a Bastila action figure from KOTOR, the greatest game made in human history. They haven't found a way to actually make you one of the characters yet; sadly, the closest thing you can find is joining the 501st Legion, but even that's a really sweet deal. You won't actually be in the movies, but you'll damned sure feel like it, in your home and out to play.