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Unlikely Black Friday Sales

Unlikely Black Friday Sales
Ryan Boyd

When Black Friday rolls around yet again, you'll have already prepped for sales on media and furniture and clothing. You'll be staking out Best Buy and Target like a cop on the edge waiting for the perp to slip, only the perp is a sweet deal on boots. But while the rest of the Black Friday scavengers are descending upon outlet stores and malls, you can get out-of-the-way gems that you wouldn't have otherwise found -- that's what we're here for.

1. Pet Adoption (Riverside, California)

Pets with black fur are adopted at substantially lower rates, and in an effort to help correct this, The Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center in Riverside, California is cutting their usual fee of $50 to $100 in half for all dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies, and they're especially featuring pets of the black-furred variety. You're going to need a furry little doofus to keep you warm once the weather turns mean, and there's never been a better time than Black Friday to bring your new best buddy home.

2. Eicon Dental (Tempe, AZ)

Your own teeth are an important investment. What does it matter if you score sweet deals on truffle oil and dark chocolates if your teeth are the color of a Naugahyde luncheonette booth? For new patients at Eicon Dental in Tempe, Arizona, they'll waive your insurance deductible, and if you have an annual insurance deductible, they'll go ahead and waive it. They also have a Black Friday deal on teeth whitening (normally $500, discounted to $299, including take-home trays and later touch-ups).

3. Goose Island Bourbon County Stout

With Black Friday coming on the heels of Thanksgiving and the accompanying necessity of spending time with family, one's thoughts naturally turn to booze. Every year on Black Friday, Goose Island  releases a line of new and exciting beers in their Bourbon County line, and they all come at the comically low suggested retail price of $9.99. The announced lineup for Black Friday 2015 is Coffee Stout (made with Intelligentsia's Los Delirios Nicaraguan coffee beans), Barleywine, Regal Rye Stout (made with blackberry juice, cocktail cherries and sea salt), Proprietor's Stout (made with maple syrup, toasted pecans and guajillo pappers), and Rare Bourbon County Brand Stout (aged for two years in 35-year-old whiskey barrels).

4. Space Camp (Huntsville, AL)

If you've ever wanted to send your children off into space, this Black Friday deal should speak to you. Space Camp, located in Huntsville, Alabama, is offering $200 off weeklong Overnight package as well as the Aviation Challenge. Last summer, astronauts Capt. Robert "Hoot" Gibson, Capt. Wendy Lawrence, Col. Bob Springer, Dr. Don Thomas, Ms. Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger and Col. Jerry Ross came to speak to the kids at Space Camp, and they have many more slated to appear in 2016 if you buy your tickets for it on Black Friday.

5. Arvixe Web Hosting

If you've decided to finally make the big move and get a website up for your business or Personal Brand, Arvixe has your hookup. First-time users will save 20% off for life (which sounds very dramatic. FOR LIFE. You'll be 80 years old and living in a moon condo, and it'll still be 20% off), and this applies to all PersonalClass, BusinessClass, or Reseller web hosting plans. You're not likely to find a deal this good on web hosting anywhere else on the Internet, especially for a service as effective and fast as Arvixe's. Be sure to use the coupon code BLACK FRIDAY when prompted, since it's only valid within 48 hours of Black Friday.

If you still feel inclined to collect the low-hanging fruit of major retailers during Black Friday, head on over to Best Buy's page on Ultimate Coupons and score amazing deals in preparation for the oncoming retail apocalypse. When you send your kids to Space Camp to learn why Capt. Robert Gibson's nickname is "Hoot" and report back to you, you might as well enjoy the silence at home by getting an obscenely large flatscreen TV.